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On my previous post, I’ve written some of the camera genius existing features and functionality on its earlier version including, zoom, sound capture, anti-shake, big button, guides, timer and camera manual. CodeGoo has submitted their camera genius 1.6 and Apple has approved it 3 weeks later. Now, camera genius version 1.6 update is available in […]


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10 Handy Quick Tips for iPhone

by Alvin on September 7, 2009

Apple iPhone is a revolutionary mobile phone that most of the people tend to have it. With its latest technologies, a lot of the mobile phone users are switching to Apple iPhone as their daily mobile computing devices, such as reading e-mails, surfing the webs, watching movies, listening music, playing games and more. There are […]


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Camera Genius for iPhone [New Update]

September 6, 2009
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Camera Genius version 1.5 update is available on Appstore and if you’re an existing Camera Genius user, you can get the update for free. Or, you can purchase Camera Genius through Appstore. I’ve written a post about Camera Genius for iPhone, you may want to check the post here. Today, I just want to make […]

Camera Genius for iPhone

September 4, 2009
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Camera Genius is an alternative to the default Camera application on your iPhone. If you love to shoot photos using your iPhone camera, then you should try Camera Genius, which can be installed through Appstore on your iPhone. With its simple GUIs designs, it’s easy to use and you can take pictures with your iPhone […]