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The Best iPhone Headphones

by Alvin on March 7, 2011

The iPhone is a great companion to a wide variety of people.  Whether you are a college student who is looking to fill the breaks in-between classes with your favorite songs, or if you are a business professional who has to have a device that will help organize and keep your life together.  No matter […]


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Best iPhone Business Professional Accessories

by Alvin on December 8, 2009

As a business professional, you require accessories and other equipment in order to make your business life run smoother.  One of the top ways to streamline your business communications is through having a cell phone that is dedicated to keeping you connected with your business world.  The best cell phone for this type of use […]


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Can the iPhone Connect with iPod Accessories?

December 4, 2009
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If you are a new owner of an apple iPhone, than you have probably not let your new cell phone leave your hands for several days. This is to be expected, however, many people have questions concerning their new iPhone and its compatibility with other electronic devices, especially those within the Apple product family. Perhaps […]

How to Encounter iPhone’s Headphone Problem

November 22, 2009
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Two days ago, my wife’s iPhone 3G had this problem. Anyone of you encounter this problem where one side or both side of your iPhone headphone does not produce sound when you’re listening to iPod. It only works when you need to twist and hold the headphone connector. Well, today I finally fixed it by […]