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Where you can turn to and what can you do if you are having problems with your iPhone. There are many reasons that you might be experiencing problems. Before you can correct what is wrong, you have to know what is causing your problems.  Apple’s website has a lot of information about what you can […]


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Things You Can Do with iPhone on the Plane

by Alvin on November 21, 2009

Holiday season is around the corner, if you’ve planned for a vacation and travel by air, you might find this post is useful. As all of you already knew, the use of mobile phones and electronic devices are strictly prohibited whenever you’re on the aircraft. All of the devices are required to remain switch off […]


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How to Sync Google Calendar to your iPhone using CalDAV

November 20, 2009

Google calendar is a web based event reminder that organizes all your schedules on the web browser. If you have used Google calendar to manage and keep track your events, you can sync them to your iPhone using CalDav. CalDav is a iPhone feature that allows you to sync between your iPhone calendar and Google […]

Installing Cydia Applications – SBSettings

August 17, 2009
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Now you should already did the backup for your iPhone after installing OpenSSH, if you’ve not done so, you can check this guide to make a copy of your iPhone Contacts, SMS, Notes, calendar and more. The next Cydia application we’re going to install is SBSettings, which allow you to toggle on and off the […]

Installing Cydia Applications – OpenSSH

August 16, 2009
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If you’ve followed along with me on this post – Setup Cydia installer and installing jailbroken applications, your iPhone should ready and you can start to install any of the Cydia application available on the installer. Most of the applications are free of charge whereas some of them, you need to purchase. So far, I’ve […]

iPhone Mail Settings for your BlueHost Account

July 23, 2009

If you’re hosting your site or blog at BlueHost.com and with iPhone Mail, you can check your BlueHost mail account on your iPhone. iPhone Mail has a few preset for popular free webmail services, including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, Hotmail, MobileMe and etc. When you’re setting your Gmail account on the iPhone Mail, you just […]

How to SSH into your Apple iPhone

July 11, 2009

What is SSH? SSH stands for Secure Shell is a network protocol that allows you to connect and transfer data to or from your iPhone. If you’re using windows operating system on your computer, then you’ll need to install WinSCP SFTP client to SSH into your iPhone. But, if you’re using mac operating system, you […]

How to Restore or Update your Apple iPhone

July 10, 2009

There are few things that you need to do before you proceed to restore or update your iPhone, including backup your iPhone data, backup your Appstore saved games, updating your iTunes version, ensure the iPhone battery is fully charge and determine the firmware version that you wish to restore or update to your iPhone. Next, […]

How to Backup your iPhone Data

July 6, 2009

There are two methods of doing it. One of them is to sync your iPhone with iTunes and restore it after the iPhone has been restored successfully. Alternatively, you can backup your iPhone data by SSH into your iPhone and make a copy of all the necessary data to your computer, such as contacts, SMSes, […]

What is iPhone Restore

June 30, 2009

iPhone restore is a process of reinstall the operating system of the iPhone just like reinstall windows XP or Vista on your computer and it’s the best approach for troubleshooting if you mess up your iPhone. After iPhone is being restored, all of your iPhone settings will be reset to default or factory settings. Beside […]