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Multifl0w the Backgrounder Enhancer

by Alvin on November 28, 2009

Backgrounder is a jailbroken app that allows you to keep the apps running on the background. The apps will resume when you launch it again. If you have backgrounder installed, you probably want to try out multifl0w that enhances the backgrounder by adding a user friendly interface to select the backgrounder enabled apps. Multifl0w is […]


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HTC Hero Sense UI Full Installation Guide

by Alvin on November 24, 2009

On my previous post, I’d shown how you can install HTC Hero cydget on your iPhone lockscreen. But, if you wish to have a complete HTC Hero user interface on your iPhone. Then, you must watch the YouTube video below that will show you the full installation guide and include the link to the installation […]


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The New invisibleSHIELD Packaging and More

November 1, 2009

Yesterday, I’ve received the invisibleSHIELD for my friend’s iPhone 3GS, which was a full body coverage package and the order was placed 1 week ago. The invisibleSHIELD has a new compact packaging, which I think it has solved the issue when shipping the invisibleSHIELD package to the customer, such as the leakage of the application […]

How to Jailbreak iPhone 3GS using purplera1n

October 3, 2009

purplera1n is another iPhone modification software tools created by George Hotz that jailbreaks iPhone 3GS firmware 3.0 only. With 1-click of “Make it ra1n!” button, your iPhone 3GS will be jailbroken in just a few minutes. Check out YouTube video below and you’ll see how awesome is purplera1n! purplera1n Step-by-step Guides: Please note that the […]

iPhone 3GS Video Recording

September 1, 2009

This short video was shot during the trip to Redang Island – The doorstep to Paradise with my wife. I used to bring my digital camera (Sony DSC-T300) with me whenever we have a short or long vacation. But, after I’ve got my iPhone 3GS for 1 month, I haven’t test the video recording its […]

Don’t Try this with your iPhone 3G

August 29, 2009

Will It Blend? iPhone 3G Tweet

iPhone Dev Team Presents PWNAGE

August 20, 2009

My Favorite iPhone YouTube Video! A bit history about Pwnagetool, which is an iPhone modification tool created by iPhone Dev team. We’ll back to iPhone 2G firmware 1.1.4 (that is long time ago) and iPhone Dev team has not released their Pwnagetool yet, the popular iPhone jailbreaking tools were iLiberty+ and ZiPhone. I’d tried both […]