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My name is Alvin Tay Wern Khai and I’m from Malaysia. Currently I’m staying in Singapore and working in one of the IT Company. I’m using Apple iPhone and it’s one of the smartphones (PDA phones) I like most. What is so special about this Apple iPhone? Well, two of the features I like about iPhone are the virtual QWERTY keyboard, which it’ll automatically appear only needed and its 3.5 inches wide touch screen.

My Blog

I would like to share my experiences in Apple iPhone hacking and write the Tips & How To whenever I’m working on my iPhones so that the post can be a good reference and resource for those who are interested in and looking for such guides. If you’re having problem with your iPhone, you can always leave me a message here and I’ll try my best to help you.

My Apple iPhones (iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G)

Now, I have two Apple iPhones that are Apple iPhone 2G 16 GB (first genenration) and Apple iPhone 3G 16 GB (second generation). The followings, I would like to talk a little bit of history of my Apple iPhones.

I bought my Apple iPhone 2G (first iPhone) in April 2008 from a forum member of Hardwarezone.com. When I first got the iPhone 2G, the box was still sealed and it wasn’t being unlocked yet. Yes, it’s a new set and I had done a lot of research and readings before tried to unlock my iPhone 2G. At that time, there were two well-known GUI software unlocking tools namely iLiberty+ and ziphone. As for ziphone, there were a lot of bad feedbacks. Thus, I had chosen iLiberty+ and it was unlocked successfully.

In September 2008, I bought my iPhone 3G (second iPhone) from my local (Singapore) telecommunication service provider, which is Singtel. To get the iPhone 3G, we have to sign two years mobile plan contract with Singtel. Since the iPhone 3G from Singtel is a factory unlocked set, any telecommunication service provider and even from Malaysia sim cards, such as Celcom, Maxis and Digi can be popped into the iPhone 3G and use it. I just need to jailbreak my iPhone 3G to install Cydia applications through Cydia installer.

My iPhone 3GS

In July 2009, I got my iPhone 3GS, which is the third generation of Apple iPhone. I’ve signed-up 2 years mobile plan by porting in the mobile phone number my wife is holding as her Starhub’s contract has ended. Hence, she can still keep the same number while switching the telecommunication service provider to Singtel (it’s a good move).

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