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Things You Can Do with iPhone on the Plane

by Alvin on November 21, 2009

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Holiday season is around the corner, if you’ve planned for a vacation and travel by air, you might find this post is useful. As all of you already knew, the use of mobile phones and electronic devices are strictly prohibited whenever you’re on the aircraft. All of the devices are required to remain switch off until you reach the terminal. Unlike other mobile phones, iPhone has the airplane mode. While airplane mode is switch on, incoming and outgoing calls, SMS and web browsing are not allowed. However, you still can use the iPhone to:

1. Listen to music and watch video to get rid your bored during the flight

2. Listen to recorded visual voicemail

3. Organize your calendar

4. Photo album viewing

5. Set alarm, stopwatch and timer

7. Do necessary calculation for your traveling expenses

8. Jot down important notes that comes into your mind

9. Play your favorite games

On the home screen, select Settings and switch on the airplane mode. You will find the small airplane icon on the status bar.

I believe you will have a wonderful flight journey with your iPhone even though it is on airplane mode.

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