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M1 and Starhub iPhones are Coming Soon!

by Alvin on November 18, 2009

The iPhone 3GS reservation is now available for both M1 and Starhub. It’s a good news for existing M1 and Starhub users because they do not need to terminate their mobile contract and pay the early termination fees. They could re-contract or upgrade their existing plans instead. Soon, the iPhone 3GS will be available in all phone carriers, such as M1, Singtel and Stahub and there will be more options for the consumers to choose and consider.

If you have not pre-order your iPhone 3GS yet, go to M1′s site or Starhub’s site to register your details. When the iPhone comes to available, you may be the first one to get it. So, make sure you do it fast before the registration entry is closed. So far, both of the phone carriers have not review their mobile price plan for the iPhone 3GS. Will they have a mobile plan that comes with the bundled data like Singtel?

Which of the phone carriers will you sign-up to get the iPhone 3GS and why? You can share with me your reasons for choosing the phone carrier on the comment below.

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