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First iPhone Virus Affected my Jailbroken iPhone 3GS

by Alvin on November 17, 2009

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Recently, the world’s first iPhone virus known as Ikee worm surfaces, which targets all jailbroken iPhones. How do I know my iPhone is affected? The behavior of this worm are changing the iPhone lock screen background with a photo of Rick Astley and it displays the message Ikee is never gonna give you up. Then, it will spread to other iPhones that has similarity vulnerable over the phone network and installs itself silently.

And last night, I saw Rick Astley photo on my iPhone 3GS lock screen (see image above) and knew it was affected by Ikee worm. Then, I realized that I didn’t change the root password after I’ve installed OpenSSH on my iPhone 3GS as the worm uses the default “root” and “alpine” to gain access to the root partition. Although I can still use the iPhone, but the battery percentage level decreased every minute by 1% even I didn’t make any calls, Internet surfing or text SMS. Therefore, I decided to restore and jailbreak my iPhone 3GS again, which I think it’s the best approach to remove the worm.

If you’ve jaibroken and installed OpenSSH on your iPhone, make sure you’ve also changed the root password to secure your iPhone from Ikee worm attack. Follow simonblog’s step-by-step guide to change the default root password using Mobile Terminal.

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