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Rock your iPhone with Rock App

by Alvin on October 18, 2009

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Last week, GeoHotz’d released his latest iPhone jailbreaking tool called blackra1n and I’d managed to show how you can jailbreak your iPhone 3.1.2 using blackra1n on Windows. If you have problem on jailbreaking your iPhone 3G 3.1.2 on Windows Vista, you can try my method to fix it.

Once you’ve successfully jailbroke your iPhone, you’ll see a blackra1n icon on the home screen, which you can install the installers like Cydia, Rock and Icy installers. I believe you’re familiar with the Cydia and Icy installers. But what about Rock App installer, do you ever try or heard of it?

What is Rock App? Rock App is a lightweight and fast version of installer that allows you to install 3rd party or jailbroken apps on your iPhone. The apps that are available in Cydia installer you’ll also able to install through Rock App and you can still continue to browse for other apps while the selected app is installing. Rock App can easily reinstall all the apps you’ve installed after restoring and upgrading your iPhone from the backup.

Would you install Rock App installer on your iPhone? Or you still prefer Cydia installer as the default installer?

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