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Installing Cydia Applications – Reserve More Spaces

by Alvin on September 2, 2009

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The iPhone OS or what we normally called the iPhone firmware is stored on your iPhone’s root partition with its default file sizes 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB. The iPhone OS consists of the iPhone files system, such as System, Private, Applications and more. The program and library components used by Cydia will be stored in System file system, which has been allocated only 500 Mb file size. And the rest of the file size will be reserved for your installed Cydia applications, Appstore, iTunes, photo images and others.

The more Cydia applications you install, the more Cydia program and library components will be added to System file system and resulting run out of spaces. Cydia installer will prompt you running low spaces and you either uninstall unwanted application (this usually won’t save much space) or increase the file size of your iPhone’s root partition.

How can I increase it?

You can increase the file size during creation of the iPhone custom firmware using Pwnagetool. On General Settings, specific any root partition size you want to reserve for your custom firmware, it’s recommended to set 1024 Mb, which can install up to 2 times of the number applications you’ve installed. Once Pwnagetool is done, restore or update your iPhone with the custom firmware through iTunes. The steps are similar to how you normally shift restore your iPhone, you just need to select the custom firmware instead. After restore completed, setup Cydia installer, go to Manage tab and select Storage and you’ll see System file size is 1024 Mb.

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