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The Replacement invisibleSHIELD

by Alvin on August 13, 2009

The replacement invisibleSHIELD

The replacement invisibleSHIELD

The invisibleSHIELD installed on my iPhone is damaged, can I request for the replacement?

Based on the the invisibleSHIELD’s lifetime replacement guarantee, you can always get the replacement if the invisibleSHIELD got damaged, scratched, or torn while it’s protecting your iPhone. But, the condition is that you need to return the original invisibleSHIELD once you’ve received the replacement invisibleSHIELD. Is the replacement invisibleSHIELD free? Yes, it’s free but you’ll be charged for a small amount for the shipping and handling fees of the replacement request.

1 week ago, I’ve requested the replacement invisibleSHIELD for my iPhone 3G as the original invisibleSHIELD got torn and I’ve paid for the shipping and handling fees. The delivery of the replacement invisibleSHIELD took about 5 – 7 business days and I’ve received it only yesterday. And afterward, I’ll install it on my iPhone 3G and I’m sure it’ll look perfect as I have installed the invisibleSHIELD for my iPhone 3GS and 2G before. After installation, I’ll just return the original invisibleSHIELD by normal air mail to save my costs.

You can request for the replacement invisibleSHIELD by log in to your Zagg account. After logged in, go to your account and click view your order history & gets warranty replacements hyperlink. You’ll see your order history details and click replace to request for the replacement invisibleSHIELD.

If you have purchased the invisibleSHIELD other than Zagg.com, you need to create an account and then register your invisibleSHIELD with Zagg.com here.

P/S: Click here to see the result after the invisibleSHIELD installed on my iPhones.

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Jess January 9, 2010 at 9:21 pm

hi Alvin, i just bought my invisible shield last nite, was very satisfy with the quality, but i stick it ugly lah, cos i using the sponge one, kind of hard to install loh, so i’m was thinking is it possible to torn it fast o anything as i wan to exchange a new one, hehe

Alvin January 10, 2010 at 11:33 pm

Hi Jess,

Once you have torn the shield, it cannot be used to apply again to your iPhone. But,

If you had bought the shield at Zagg.com, you can request for a replacement with your account. If not, you can create an account at Zagg.com and register your shield, then request for a replacement.
You may need to pay about US$5 for the shipping and handling fee for the replacement.

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