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Setup Cydia Installer and Installing Jailbroken Applications

by Alvin on August 12, 2009

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Before we continue, make sure your iPhone is connected to the Internet as Cydia installer needs the connection to download the files to be installed on the iPhone. For iPhone 2G and those who had not subscribed to any mobile broadband, you can access the Internet through your home Wi-Fi connection. Go to Settings, Wi-Fi, select your home Wi-Fi and enter the password you have set (if any). For those who had subscribed to the broadband, your iPhone should have connected to the Internet. Then, set Auto-Lock to Never because the connection will lose whenever the iPhone goes to sleep mode.

Once you’re ready, launch Cydia installer. It will automatically close after reorganizing has completed. Restart Cydia and now you need to choose which category you are belong to. In this case, choose User (Graphical Only) and then it’ll bring you to the home page.

You can start to install the Cydia applications by Section or search for the applications. If you want to install OfflineMaps, go to the Search tab and type the name. Select it, press install button on top right corner and then press confirm. After installation, press Return to Cydia and close Cydia installer.

The newly installed application icon will appear on your iPhone home screen. Please take note that some applications will not have the icon, so make sure you always read the description before install.

Next, we’ll see what are the jailbroken apps you would install on your iPhone. So, make sure you have subscribed to RSS feeds.

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