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iPhone Dev Team Presents PWNAGE

by Alvin on August 20, 2009

My Favorite iPhone YouTube Video!

A bit history about Pwnagetool, which is an iPhone modification tool created by iPhone Dev team. We’ll back to iPhone 2G firmware 1.1.4 (that is long time ago) and iPhone Dev team has not released their Pwnagetool yet, the popular iPhone jailbreaking tools were iLiberty+ and ZiPhone. I’d tried both tools and found iLiberty+ was the more stable and safer tool compared to ZiPhone. I did brick my iPhone 2G, which it had a blank baseband after using ZiPhone and fortunately, iLibery+ managed to reflash my iPhone’s baseband.

When Pwnagetool released that was only available on Mac OS platform, so I couldn’t try the tool as I was a windows user (I’m still) and was so excited and insisted to try the tool. Therefore, I’d installed the Mac OS on my laptop, which dual boots with my existing Windows OS and installed Pwnagetool on it. This tool worked flawlessly on the Mac OS and I’d created the custom firmware for my iPhone. As a Windows user like me, I find that Mac OS is not easy to use although it has friendly GUIs designed and at last I’d uninstalled it.

Then, iPhone Dev team had created redsn0w, which was an alternative to Pwnagetool and available for both Mac and Windows users. Normally the Mac and Windows version will be released at the same. So, we (Mac and Windows users) can enjoy the jailbreak on our iPhones. We should be very grateful to iPhone Dev team as all the tools created are free of charge and they do not accept donations from us. Thank you iPhone Dev team!

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