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Installing Cydia Applications – Uninstalling Packages

by Alvin on August 28, 2009

So you like Cydia installer very much as you can install a lot of free Cydia applications on your iPhone. Keep searching for and installing Cydia applications from Cydia installer and after using it for sometime, you find it’s not as useful and wish to remove it from your iPhone. On my few posts back, I’d only shown you how to add repository and install the applications from Cydia installer. Today, we’ll be looking how you can uninstall and remove the installed applications from your iPhone that you don’t want to use them anymore.

Uninstalling Steps

Please note that you can still reinstall the application again next time.

Next, we’ll see how you can reserve more space (storage) for installing more applications from Cydia installer. So, make sure you’ve subscribed to the RSS feeds.

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