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Installing Cydia Applications – SBSettings

by Alvin on August 17, 2009

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Now you should already did the backup for your iPhone after installing OpenSSH, if you’ve not done so, you can check this guide to make a copy of your iPhone Contacts, SMS, Notes, calendar and more.

The next Cydia application we’re going to install is SBSettings, which allow you to toggle on and off the iPhone features without navigate to the settings that has saved your time. SBSettings do not have the application icon after the installation is done and to activate it, you need to slide on the status bar, then the menu will scroll down on the screen. There are 5 default toggles (Bluetooth, Brightness, Processes, SSH and Wi-Fi) on the dock, press more and select set toggles to add the toggles you always use to the dock. This handy tool also allows you display numeric battery, Wi-Fi, GSM signal, show the date on status bar and hide the application icons on your iPhone.

List of the iPhone features you can toggle:

  • Enable 3G
  • Bluetooth
  • Brightness
  • EDGE
  • Fast Notes
  • Location Services
  • Airplane Mode
  • Processes
  • SSH (if you’ve installed OpenSSH)
  • Wi-Fi

You can add more toggles from Cydia installer, which have categorized in SBSettings Addons.

Next, we’ll take a look on how you can watch YouTube offline. So, make sure you’ve subscribed to the RSS feeds.

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