Do you ever heard of the invisibleSHIELD? If you do, then you can take this opportunity to discover more about the invisibleSHIELD. But, if you never heard of the invisibleSHIELD before and this will be a good chance for you to know what invisibleSHIELD is and why invisibleSHIELD is the best choice. What [...]

Did you ever experience that your iPhone application suddenly stops working or hang while you’re using it on your iPhone? No matter how you try, you can’t close it by pressing the home button like what you normally do to close the apps. If it’s the case, you need to force quit the apps as [...]

Written on August 29th, 2009 by Alvin

Facebook 3.0 for iPhone

Finally, Facebook 3.0 has been released for your iPhone. If you’ve been waiting for this apps, now it’s available on Appstore and you can update (for existing Facebook user) or install Facebook 3.0 free of charge. Chad Garrett (The author of The iPhone Blog) had written a preview about Facebook 3.0 and you may want [...]

Will It Blend? iPhone 3G

So you like Cydia installer very much as you can install a lot of free Cydia applications on your iPhone. Keep searching for and installing Cydia applications from Cydia installer and after using it for sometime, you find it’s not as useful and wish to remove it from your iPhone. On my few posts back, [...]

I guess you’ve been searching around the web to look for free iPhone ringtones as Apple iPhone has only a few for you to select and yet, you couldn’t use the songs from your iPod as your mobile ringtones. Actually, you can make your own custom ringtones from your iTunes’ music library and more importantly, [...]

Written on August 26th, 2009 by Alvin

Open URL in New Page

On iPhone firmware version 3.0 and above, you can view a webpage’s link in new page whether or not the link by default will load the page on new Safari browser on your iPhone. Beside that, you can copy the link’s URL to share with your friends through iPhone Mail, SMS, MMS and more. To [...]

I believe you’ll notice a lot of finger prints (your own finger prints. haha…) on your iPhone every time you’ve finished using it and you will try to wipe and clean it with your shirt or a tissue paper. For me, I’ll only wipe and clean my iPhone at home using the cleaning clothe and [...]